New Site for Free Business Education will have a limited number of instructors that provide free continuing education (mostly webcast) to businesses. We will promote the webcast through a direct mail campaign and other gorilla marketing. The instructors will share in the cost of promoting the Webcasts. The instructors will pay 15 cents per piece for the postcard. I’ll probably mail 5000 pieces. The mailing would be a 6 X 11 postcard that would advertise free Webcasts taught by us that would be helpful to new small businesses.

I’m putting together a flyer right now that will include myself, and five other professionals that have something to offer new small businesses. I will direct mail this to new small businesses advertising the free webcast that the six of us will present. In addition, each instructor will be expected to promote the project individually (link from their website, email to their email list, twitter etc). Although the main source of clients will be the mailing, we will all benefit from the cross selling of this idea.
Establish a free profile at regardless of your interest in the project. It’s just a draft but it will give you an idea of what I’m thinking about. I haven’t optimized the site yet but let me know if you have suggestions. If you are interested in this idea, I’ll send you a copy of the draft postcard. You would need to draft a description of your webcast for the flyer and the website. The topic should be fairly narrow. You should come up with two topics. We will include just one topic on the flyer but I hope to get people that go to the website to attend additional webcast. We will not have dates on the postcard so you could hold the same webcast multiple times.
Right now, the classes are: 1. S Corps & LLCs, Using them to reduce taxes. Instructor John Huddleston, J.D., LL.M., CPA 2. Quickbooks Basics. Instructor Jessica Chisholm, Quickbooks ProAdvisor & CPA 3. Small Business Law, Starting Your Business Right. Instructor Valarie Farris, Attorney 4. Business Coaching (title not complete). Instructor Dusting Walling, M.S. 5. Protecting and Growing Your Small Business with Virtualization. Instructor Eric Taneda. 6. Business Insurance 101, What am I Paying for. Instructor Michelle Ihlan, CIC 7. VOIP Versus Traditional Telephones. Instructor Barrett Adams.
If you are interested in participating, contact John Huddleston at (206) 310-8363.